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Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Dinosaur footprint at DinoFest
Ankylosaurus at DinoFest, Dinosaur festival event & kids activity New Zealand

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  • What age range is DinoFest for?
    We welcome everyone to DinoFest. Based on guest feedback this experience is ideal for families and groups with children under-8 years old. We do have lots of grown-up 'Jurassic Park' fans who enjoy attending DinoFest. But if you spend money on a ticket, we want to make sure you're aware that the content and experience is geared towards a young audience.
  • Do you sell tickets on the gate?
    We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance via Eventbrite. If you wish to pay by cash at the gate please DM us on Facebook or email and reserve tickets. We are happy to sell tickets on the gate if we have not sold out. However, DinoFest sells out for most sessions, so we strongly recommend purchasing tickets in advance.
  • Do you take cash payment?
    If you wish to pay by cash on the day please DM us on Facebook or email and reserve tickets.
  • What happens if it rains?
    DinoFest is an all weather event and we go ahead come rain or shine. If the forecast is rain/showers, please bring umbrellas, coats, and gum boots. If there are extremely high winds or sustained, torrential rain then we will either schedule an alternative date, or provide a full refund via Eventbrite. Follow our Facebook page for the latest event announcements.
  • Are children under-2 free?
    Yes - children under-2 years old, on the date you will be attending DinoFest, are free. If your child is 2 years old+ they require a child ticket. DinoFest is designed to be extremely child friendly, and there are lots of baby dinosaurs for little guests.
  • Will it be too scary for my children?
    DinoFest is not designed to be scary or frightening; however our dinosaurs are realistic. We have lots of Under-5's who attend, however you know your child best. Check out the photos, videos, and feedback on This will help you make an informed decision if your child will enjoy this experience. DinoFest is held outside, so if the Dino Encounter is too scary you focus on the activities or go along the Dinosaur Trail.
  • Do you have quiet sessions?
    Yes - we provide quiet sessions (with a much smaller audience) for children with neurodiversity who require much less noise/people. Please copy and paste this link for tickets:
  • Is DinoFest accessible for wheel chairs?
    We endeavour to make DinoFest as accessible as possible, and welcome wheelchair users. Please be aware we are an outdoor event which is held on tyically flat, grass area. If you need one of the team to provide assistance please don't hesitate to contact us via DM on Facebook or
  • Is DinoFest accessible for prams or buggies?
    Yes - we endeavour to make DinoFest as accessible as possible. With a young audience we try and make the event at pram/buggy friendly as possible. It is an outdoor event held on typically flat grass.
  • Do you accept Companion Cards?
    Yes we do - a $0 Companion Card ticket is available when you purchase tickets via Eventbrite.
  • Do we need to print our tickets?
    We are happy to accept tickets shown electonically on mobile devices.
  • Help - I can't find my ticket?
    Where to find your tickets? Your email inbox: search your inbox for an email from Your Eventbrite account: when you register for an event, Eventbrite automatically creates an account associated with your email address. Log in using the same email address and select “Tickets” from the dropdown in your Eventbrite account. The Eventbrite app: iPhone: Log in and tap the ‘Tickets’ icon. Android: Log in and tap the ‘Profile’ icon. Then find your order and tap the ‘Tickets’ icon. What information is included on your tickets? Eventbrite tickets include: Event name, date, and location Your name, ticket type, and order number. Eventbrite tickets do not include: Specific event details Links needed to view/attend online events. Why tickets might be missing? Incorrect email address: You’re logged into Eventbrite using a different email address than what you used to place the order or there’s a typo in the email address. Email deliverability: The confirmation was sent to your junk/spam folder or was unable to be delivered. The organiser disabled PDF tickets: The order appears in your account, but you get an error when you try to print tickets. What to do if your tickets are missing? Contact us at and we will look up your order and resend your confirmation email.
  • Are tickets all inclusive?
    Yes - tickets are all inclusive. There are no additional charges or costs once you enter DinoFest. We do sell merchandise at the gate which is not part of the ticket cost.
  • Are dogs allowed at DinoFest?
    Dogs are not allowed in DinoFest. We love dogs, but some dogs get freaked out by the dinosaurs and have reacted aggressively. We have no way of knowing which dogs will react like this. Guide dogs and Assistance dogs are welcome.
  • Do you sell merchandise? Do you take EFTPOS?
    Yes - we sell very cool dinosaur merchandise. We take EFTPOS or cash.
  • Can I get a refund if I'm unable to attend?
    We will provide a refund if requested 24 hours before the event date. This gives us an opportunity to re-sell the ticket. If you are unable to attend on the day due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact us and we will try to facilitate an alternative date for you to attend. In the unlikely event we cancel DinoFest for any reason at all, (e.g. extreme weather conditions), we will provide a full refund.
  • What is your re-cycling policy?
    We undertake three litter picks daily - before, during, and after DinoFest. We provide bins all around DinoFest, especially the activity areas. All rubbish and litter is removed from the site by DinoFest. Any recyclable materials are disposed of at recycling facilities.
  • Do we need to bring anything to DinoFest?
    If it's sunny we recommend sunscreen, hats, and drinks for the kids. If the forecast is rain/showers then umbrellas, coats, and welly boots. You are very welcome to bring a picnic and make a family day out - please help us keep the park tidy and dispose of any litter. We have a First Aid kit onsite.
  • Are there toilets at DinoFest?
    For the convenience of guests we either provide portaloos or the event is close to public toilets.
  • My child is sick can we reschedule?
    You are welcome to bring your original tickets to an alternative date. We provide refunds for cancellations made 24 hours before your session time.
  • How long is a DinoFest session?
    Your session will be 90 minutes long, and includes a 40 minute Dinosaur Encounter, Dino Trail, Dino Activities, and photos with the dinosaurs.
  • Do adults require a ticket? or just children?
    Adults require a ticket and all children must be accompanied by an adult - exactly the same as going to the cinema, theatre or a theme park.
  • What time does DinoFest open?
    DinoFest sessions are 10.30am, 1pm and 3pm. We open the gate 10 minutes before the start of each session.
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