Step back in time 66 million years... 

Imagine travelling back in time to come face-to-face with a real, live Tyrannosaurus Rex as she roams beneath the trees... This is what awaits you at DinoFest!


Founded in 2016, we're an exciting outdoor event, ideal for families with young children. This magical and memorable experience includes a 40 minute Dinosaur Encounter with "real" moving dinosaurs, a Dinosaur Trail with a life-size T-Rex, and some awesome Dino Activities - such as a Dino Dig, arts and crafts, and “feel a fossil” with real dinosaur bones.

Playing with dinosaurs is recognised as a great way to get young children interested in science. DinoFest is designed to be educational and bust some of the 'myths' created by Hollywood! We aim to inspire a true sense of awe in these beautiful, majestic animals who ruled the earth for tens of millions of years.

DinoFest is held in botanic gardens and parks, to transport our guests back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. Did you know plants and trees such as ferns, cycads, magnolias, and conifers were around when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and survived mass extinctions? Understanding this ancient natural world is a great first step for children to care about today's environment.

We are also passionate about getting kids off mobile devices and running around outside in the fresh air!

Join the thousands of families who have enjoyed DinoFest - tickets on sale shortly!

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